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The math tutors at Rockwell Charter School know that every child has different learning needs. Whether your son or daughter is starting to fall behind, could use additional practice or is eager to get ahead in math, algebra, geometry or advanced math, our team can help your child achieve amazing results.

From extra practice and guidance to advancement and enrichment, Rockwell Charter School offers a variety of math programs, so you can choose the one that best meets your son or daughter’s specific needs. We’re here to help your child fulfill his or her potential in math, algebra, geometry and more. Check out our range of programs below!

Personalized Tutoring
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Academic Coaching
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Advancement & Test Prep
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Personalized Tutoring (K-12)

Designed for students who are falling behind in math or struggling to grasp key concepts, our intensive tutoring helps boost scores and results. We accomplish this by making math relatable, so your child can feel more confident in the classroom and in life. Features of our Personalized Tutoring program include:

  • Tailored learning: Through our proven Sylvan Method™ approach, we adapt our learning plans to your child’s particular needs to ensure he or she is getting the most effective learning experience. We also adjust the learning plan as needed to keep math engaging, but never frustrating. 
  • Incredible results: Sylvan students can see up to three times more growth in their math scores than their peers. We guarantee your child will make real progress!
  • Competitive rates: Our hourly rates are competitive with other private tutors and tutoring companies, which means you can get the tutoring help that works for your family’s needs and budget.

Academic Coaching (K-8)

If your child could use some extra help navigating math assignments or practicing tricky concepts, our NEW Academic Coaching program could be just what you’re looking for. Here’s what’s included with our new monthly subscription program:

  • Proactive tutoring support and hands-on learning activities that focus on sharpening skills, effective test preparation and boosting confidence in school. 
  • Flexible scheduling options that work with your family’s schedule, including afternoon, evening and weekend hours.
  • Affordable monthly packages that suit your needs and budget.

Advanced Math and Test Prep (K-12)

Is your son or daughter on the math fast track? Whether your child is in elementary, middle school or high school, we have Advancement and Test Prep Programs that will help him or her conquer new skills and tough math concepts with confidence. You’ll love seeing your child:

  • Master a range of advanced math skills, such as computation, process, reasoning and problem solving skills, which help set the stage for future success.
  • Gain greater confidence and feel more prepared in school. 
  • …plus we offer competitive hourly rates!

Start Today with an Academic Checkup!

Sylvan's Academic Checkup can pinpoint your child’s unique strengths and needs, so our expert tutors know exactly what to focus on for success. Get one today at a Sylvan near you!