If you’re looking for a writing tutor that can help boost your child’s academic potential, the experienced tutors at Sylvan are the key. We personalize learning programs according to each student's individual needs, which means we're able to reignite their passion for learning, boost their confidence and help them fulfill their potential at school. Whatever your child's grade or skill level, Sylvan's engaging, interactive education is tailored to ensure success in the classroom and beyond. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your child build strong writing skills and lay the groundwork for a bright future.

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Success Starts at Sylvan

Strong writing skills are a must when it comes to education — and they're important for most modern career paths, too. Unfortunately, studies show that most students are not proficient writers1, and that the majority of school teachers assess their students to be either “fair” or “poor” in this subject area.2 With Sylvan’s writing tutors, you can look forward to your child developing his or her writing abilities, leading to better results in the classroom and more smiles all round.

A Chance to Excel

When learning a new skill, it is always best to master the fundamentals first— this is how Sylvan approaches writing tutoring. Our writing tutors begin by evaluating each student's abilities in order to determine an appropriate learning plan. Whether it's the basics of sentence structure or preparation to write college application essays, we offer an engaging learning environment where students earn a sense of achievement to carry forward to the classroom and beyond. And that's not all: we also base our writing programs on national college and career readiness standards, so you can rest assured that your child will acquire all the right tools to succeed.

A Tailored Tutoring Program At Sylvan Means:

  • Providing a tailored assessment before beginning instruction 
  • Keeping your child motivated and engaged (and smiling!) throughout the entire customized program via a variety of techniques, including a rewards system 
  • Teaching organization, time management and test-taking abilities 
  • Instilling confidence that goes beyond the classroom

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