When you’re looking for a reading tutor who can help boost your child’s academic potential, the experienced teachers at Sylvan are the key. With an Academic Checkup at your local Sylvan, you can help your child make this school year great. You will get an exact academic profile showing your child’s strengths as well as opportunities to address knowledge gaps and other needs. See just how well your child is doing in comparison to national standards in math and reading. After all, it's never too late to help your child take real steps towards reading success this year.

We personalize our programs to match your child’s needs and skill level, and share instant feedback and recognition so he or she stays motivated — and smiling! No matter if your child is starting the 1st grade or in the final year of high school, Sylvan is equipped with the tools, techniques and technology to help your child thrive in the classroom and beyond. Let us take the frustration out of reading and put the enjoyment back in: get in touch with us today and find out firsthand how we can help boost your child’s skills and build lasting confidence.

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Our Focus on Results and Critical Skills

Here at Sylvan, we aim to engage young minds and make learning more engaging — but we also appreciate that the end result should be better academic results. That's why we're proud to help our students achieve up to three times more improvement in their reading scores compared to non-attendees at Sylvan. We also align our tutoring programs with college and career readiness standards, so you can expect your child to develop the kind of skills required for success after high school and, eventually, in the modern workforce.

Fulfilling Every Student’s Potential

When it comes to learning, it's often said that once you master the fundamentals, the rest will follow naturally — and that’s exactly how we tackle reading tutoring at Sylvan. Our reading tutors start with an in-depth assessment of each student, in order to tailor the program to his or her unique needs and provide the appropriate pacing. From basic comprehension to advanced vocabulary, our iPad®-based learning is motivating and will provide a sense of accomplishment.

Rest Assured That We:

  • Undertake an in-depth evaluation of your child's particular strengths, skill gaps and potential 
  • Design a learning plan individualized according to the results of this assessment 
  • Keep your child motivated and engaged throughout the tutoring program  
  • Instill confidence that goes beyond the classroom

Take Advantage of our Limited-Time Offer

At Sylvan Learning, helping students boost grades and test scores (and confidence) is our specialty. Right now you can start preparing to make the new school year a success by arranging an in-depth Academic Checkup for just $95†. We'll compare your child to national academic norms to see where they excel — and pinpoint specific areas for extra attention before and throughout the school year.