Seeing your child succeed is as rewarding to us as it is to you. The personal attention that our tutors provide helps keep your child focused, engaged and motivated to learn. Our caring and certified tutors are here for your family, and they offer so much more than traditional tutors!

With Sylvan’s Tutors in Your Corner, Your Child Will:

  • Achieve greater confidence and success in school. Many Sylvan tutors are members of your own community and teach in the local schools. This means they have an understanding of the local school's curriculum and can better link the lessons taught at Sylvan with what's being taught in school. They’re experts in today’s teaching methods, so you don’t have to be!
  • Get the personalized education he or she needs. Our tutoring programs include a variety of subjects, which means we can cater to your child’s evolving needs. We can also connect with your child’s classroom teacher to ensure your child is applying and demonstrating the skills being learned at Sylvan in the classroom.
  • Feel fully supported every step of the way. As Sylvan parents would tell you, our tutors truly care about setting your child on the path to long-term success. By getting to know your child’s unique needs and explaining concepts accordingly, they can help engage and motivate your child, boosting confidence and skill mastery while lowering stress along the way.

What Families Love About Our Tutors

93% of Sylvan parents say their child benefited from the personal attention at Sylvan. So what’s the secret? Our tutors!

Here’s what parents have to say about the tutors at Sylvan:

“The teacher my child has is stellar”

“She explains things in a way that makes sense. She emails with the teachers at school, and they coordinate so that topics at each are taught simultaneously. The progress my daughter has made has been worth every penny. The reduction in her stress level, and also in mine, has been wonderful. Her confidence has increased, and she actually puts her hand up in class to answer questions now.”

“The Sylvan difference is the people”

“The dedication and attention and care shown cannot be stated in words. It has been a great experience.”

“My child really enjoys going to Sylvan”

“She never liked math but now looks forward to going each week. She has always enjoyed working with all the instructors. I think it’s great she gets to see different people and learn different techniques and styles from each. The director is always very friendly and eager to share progress and information about her with me.”

“All the teachers go over and beyond helping the children out”

“They are caring and understanding, and they explain everything in detail and work very well with the kids.”

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