Technology is changing everything, including the way students learn. At Sylvan, we are using technology to our advantage to help students stay focused, engaged and learning!

Introducing SylvanSync

SylvanSync™ harnesses technology’s ability to enable learning, making it truly hands on. Our education technology moves the student from passive to active learning with personalized digital lessons. And, most importantly, it enables our teachers to address the unique needs of each child. With SylvanSync™, our personal approach includes:

  • A personal learning plan taught by Sylvan teachers using the iPad® as a teaching tool for a more engaging and interactive learning experience.
  • Lessons that adapt to your child's individual skill level and pace, so learning is challenging, yet never frustrating.
  • Instant feedback and recognition for every student.
  • mySylvan™, your personal Sylvan website, with up-to-date progress tracking, plus educational activities and resources.

SylvanSync™ combines our proven teaching method with the technology of today–leading your child to a future with limitless possibilities.