Technology is changing everything, including the way students learn. At Sylvan, we use advanced technology to help students stay focused, engaged and having fun!

Enhancing Learning with Technology

When talented tutors and cutting-edge technology come together, you can expect amazing results. Our digital tools don’t replace tutors; they accelerate progress! When your child comes to Sylvan, he or she will interact with great teachers and the latest technology. We use technology to:

  • Encourage greater interaction between your child and our tutors.
  • Engage, motivate and inspire your child.
  • Boost skill mastery.
  • Keep parents involved and informed along the way.

Our Cutting-Edge Technology Includes:

  • SylvanSync™: Our hands-on digital lessons
  • mySylvan™: Your family’s personalized web portal

SylvanSync: A Seamless Blend of Teaching and Technology

SylvanSync offers a truly hands-on learning experience. Through personalized digital lessons, our tutors address your child’s unique needs. Here’s what you can expect with SylvanSync:

  • Our certified tutors teach your child lessons on an iPad®. It’s a much more engaging (and fun!) learning experience than writing on a piece of paper or a chalkboard.
  • Your child applies what he or she just learned by completing assigned exercises on the iPad®.
  • These exercises cater to your child’s personal learning plan. These exercises are adaptive, which means they can adjust to your child’s pace, so learning becomes more rewarding and less frustrating. This is something print worksheets just can’t do.
  • Our tutors grade your child’s exercises and walk him or her through missed answers.

mySylvan: Stay Engaged, Involved and Up-To-Date

With mySylvan, you can always be in the know — no need to pry information out of your kids! It’s your family’s own personalized website that keeps everyone in the loop, whether you’re at home or on the go.

  • Parent’s Web Portal: You can get real-time information on your child’s progress and view upcoming lessons so you’re always informed.
  • Student’s Web Portal: Keep the learning going strong with educational activities and exercises your child can do online at any time.