Inspire your child’s creativity with Coding for Kids from Sylvan Learning! Our innovative, interactive courses are devised to engage, challenge and thrill your child while setting him or her up with essential 21st century skills. Your child will have a blast designing and programming animated stories and video games that can be shared and played with friends!

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Calling All Computer Whizzes of Tomorrow

Careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are on the rise! Our Coding for Kids programs are tailored specifically to make sure kids are on the right track towards in-demand careers. What that means is, not only will your child have a great time interacting with technology and fellow classmates, but he or she will also develop awesome (and useful!) skills along the way, including logic, problem solving and, of course, basic coding.

Interactive Learning That’s Big on Fun

Our Coding for Kids programs will be a hit with your family because we make use of kid-friendly technology, and interactive and collaborative activities to teach highly valued skills like programming and problem solving. There’s no writing endless lines of code here! Instead, your child will be learning how to create characters, animations, sounds and special effects, building skills to design a final video game for playing with friends!

Your child deserves an edge! Our programs include:

  • A collaborative, interactive learning environment where other kids challenge and learn from each other — and make friends along the way  
  • A comfortable setting in which your child works at his or her own pace with the support and encouragement of a teacher 
  • Cool, kid-friendly Tynker™ technology that will have your child programming in no time
  • 21st century learning that will equip your child with vital problem solving, logic and computational skills