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Keeping up with every subject is important, but it’s easy for kids to get overwhelmed. That’s why a little support in the form of Academic Coaching can go a long way.

Our expert tutors at Sylvan Glacier know how to approach subjects like reading, writing, math and algebra to make sure concepts stick. In addition, our focus on homework will help your child keep up with skills and build the confidence to excel in class. Whether it’s extra practice, an added challenge or help with tough workloads, our monthly packages provide the support your child needs to exceed expectations.

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Academic Coaching

The right amount of support can ensure your child continues to progress—and excel—academically

What You'll Get with Academic Coaching

  • Proactive tutoring and practice to sharpen skills and stay ahead in school.
  • Expert tutors who know the local curriculum and how to make sure concepts stick.
  • Hands-on learning that provides an added challenge to help kids thrive.
  • Tailored sessions that address your child’s needs — from skill practice, to homework support, to help preparing for tests.
  • Innovative programs that are designed to inspire and engage every child.
  • Convenient time slots that will fit into your busy schedule.

Success Starts Now!

We can pinpoint your child’s unique strengths and needs via the Sylvan Insight™ Assessment, so our expert tutors know exactly what to focus on for success. Get one today at a Sylvan near you!