The tutors at Sylvan Learning Centers in the USA are dedicated to providing the personalized learning your child requires to reach his or her potential in the classroom - and beyond. Like all Sylvan Learning Centers, we offer an engaging, supportive and enjoyable learning environment in order to encourage lasting academic progress and success.

With the Sylvan Skills Assessment®, our tutors can identify the unique needs of your child, as well as areas for improvement. Get started for $95* — for a limited time only, so contact us now for more information!

Sylvan Learning

Find out how we:

  • Evaluate your child's skills: our assessment pinpoints your child's strengths - as well as areas that require attention
  • Draw up a personalized program: using the assessment's findings, we provide a customized tutoring plan that concentrates on the steps required for academic success
  • Support academic improvement: we employ proven learning methods – including the latest iPad®-based techniques – to help your child meet his or her goal of becoming a stronger, happier and more successful student
  • Measure progress: including performance evaluations and scheduled reports for you and your child's classroom teacher