Are you looking for a math tutor who can help your son or daughter master a tricky subject and get back to enjoying school? Sylvan is pleased to offer three flexible and convenient programs that make a big academic impact: personal math tutoring, math homework help and Math Edge. Our programs are aligned with university and career readiness standards, so you can feel confident knowing the abilities your child develops at Sylvan will give him or her an advantage in the classroom and beyond. No matter if your child needs to get up to speed in algebra, better grasp geometry concepts or understand a specific homework assignment, the friendly tutors at your local Sylvan are ready to help.

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We Have the Math Program for Your Child

At Sylvan, we aim to make math more engaging and enjoyable — and to nurture a lifelong passion for learning. You’ll love seeing your child build math confidence, learn to think independently and master critical math skills.

Select one of our flexible math programs:

Personal Tutoring (Grades 1-12)

Whether we’re improving grades or boosting confidence, we make a difference through:

  • A proven, personalized approach to learning. Our math teachers use a four-step approach called Sylvan Insight™ to engage your child and maximize results.  
  • An engaging, interactive learning experience. We use the latest technology, including iPads®, to help accelerate learning and make it more enjoyable for your child.  
  • Real-time feedback. We will keep you informed of your child’s progress every step of the way.

Skill Practice Programs (Grades 1-6)

Our fun, budget-friendly programs are designed to give kids an extra edge in math. If your child excels at math or is looking to get some extra practice, he or she can stay ahead of the curve with:

  • A fun, kid-friendly format. (No mind-numbing drills!) Your child will enjoy diverse activities, a motivational rewards system and the camaraderie of a small group. 
  • Challenging math content. Our math curriculum aligns with university and career readiness standards and uses a five-step process to help your child achieve math fluency, proficiency and accuracy. 
  • Engaging, brain-boosting activities. We focus on developing problem-solving skills to help your child think about math in new ways and to make concepts stick.

Homework Help (Grades 1-12)

Minimize stress and maximize confidence with homework help from Sylvan. We offer:

  • Just-as-needed service. If your child could use extra guidance with specific assignments or math concepts, we can step in with needed.  
  • Flexible and convenient scheduling. We can work around your schedule with daytime, evening and weekend sessions. 
  • Instant feedback and recognition. Our friendly tutors turn frustrations into high fives by motivating your child with real-time feedback and recognition for every skill learned.

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