Are you seeking tutoring programs to help ensure your child has a bright future ahead? Trust Sylvan — we understand the unique nature of each student’s needs, which is why we shape our programs to be as individual as your child, and to help him or her gain practical academic skills and rediscover the joy of learning. Whatever your child’s skill level or grade, we’re ready to help your child reach his or her potential in a learning environment that is versatile, interactive and supportive.

Sylvan Gets Bigger Smiles — and Bigger Results

The learning environment at Sylvan is tailored to help students make measurable, rewarding, step-by-step progress towards greater academic achievements — and enjoy themselves while doing it! With many years of experience delivering tutoring, we've been able to help our students grow their math and reading scores up to three times more than children who don't attend Sylvan.

Tomorrow's Success Stories

In addition to having a rich history of being a proven and trusted tutoring partner for millions of students and their parents, Sylvan is also focused on the future. This is the reason we ensure our programs are aligned with university and career readiness standards, so students are equipped with skills that make a big impact in the classroom and beyond. With SylvanSync™, you can expect a combination of proven teaching strategies and interactive technology that captures your child’s attention and boosts time-on-task.

Choose Sylvan and Benefit From:

  • A tailored learning program led by Sylvan tutors using iPads® as teaching tools to enhance engagement and interactivity
  • Custom lessons that are adjusted to your child’s pace, so learning is rewarding but never stressful
  • Access to mySylvan™, a personalized Sylvan website, complete with activities, exercises and up-to-the minute information on your child’s progress

Start Your Journey Today!

The Sylvan Insight™ Assessment pinpoints your child's exact academic strengths and needs, highlighting the areas that our expert tutors will focus on for success. Contact us to learn more!