Our Robotics for Kids programs are big on imagination, innovation and creativity — and fun, of course! Your child will have a blast building robots using LEGO® bricks and award-winning software while making new friends and developing practical skills along the way (no prior experience necessary!). You’ll be delighted to hear about all the cool and exciting projects your child worked on in class every week — and you’ll particularly love seeing his or her confidence reach new heights.

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Helping Kids Develop a Love for STEM

Our Robotics for Kids courses are designed to equip your child with crucial STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) abilities. In addition to essential communication and problem solving competencies, your son or daughter will learn fundamental computer programming skills as he or she works with a buddy to construct, evaluate and troubleshoot a variety of LEGO® robots. Imagine the possibilities that could arise in school and beyond with these new skills!

Interactive Learning with a Difference

The comfortable, small group setting of our Robotics for Kids courses (maximum of 12 students per class) means your child will receive personal attention while also collaborating with like-minded peers. After each session, your child will complete a project summary worksheet, which helps reinforce STEM concepts and reveals your child’s progress. In addition, you will receive an email following each class that includes photos, a class recap and a sneak peek of what’s next. With such an effective combination of hands-on learning, friendly collaboration and fun activities, it’s no wonder our programs are kid-preferred and parent-approved!

Amazing experiences await! Our courses feature:

  • An interactive, STEM-focused education that equips your son or daughter with vital 21st century abilities 
  • Fun, kid-friendly software that helps students build fundamental programming and problem solving competencies — and that makes their robots come alive! 
  • The camaraderie of teaming up with a buddy and challenging other teams to friendly competitions 
  • The confidence that grows after trying something new and sharing achievements with friends and family!