Career paths in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are on the rise; help your child get on the path to success with Sylvan EDGE! We've tailored our after-school programs to be both engaging and exciting, enabling kids to expand their minds — and their friendships — through collaborative, hands-on activities in math, coding, engineering and robotics. Find out how we can help transform how your son or daughter learns.

A Different Kind of Learning

Sylvan EDGE programs are all about putting kids on the right path for high-demand careers by making STEM topics more engaging and exciting than ever before. In fact, our focus on engaging, hands-on activities, teamwork and interactivity makes learning feel like an exciting challenge, not a frustrating experience. That's how we ensure success in the classroom and beyond.

More Than Your Typical After-School Program

So what does a Sylvan EDGE program have to offer your child? While friendship and fun are definitely near the top of the list, there are also tons of innovative activities, challenges and projects. Whether it's building and coding a LEGO® robot, creating video games, building super cool structures or showing off new math skills to earn Certificates of Achievement, there is plenty of motivation — and interaction — in our STEM programs.

Sylvan EDGE Programs Include:

  • Robotics & Science: New and exciting STEM concepts are explored in each and every class as your child discovers how to build and program a variety of cool robots using LEGO® bricks and software. Pulleys, levers and motors get things moving — and friendly competitions keep the excitement going!
  • Coding: Few things are cooler than video games and computer animations, and our sessions combine this cool factor with 21st century STEM skills like coding, programming, problem-solving, logic, physics and more. Having a blast and learning at the same time? That's what sets us apart.
  • Engineering: Your child will discover the amazing world of machine and bridge design with our cool, theme-based engineering programs. Watch imaginations soar as kids build amazing projects using engineering and architectural concepts that inspire their creative thinking, challenge critical thinking and build valuable STEM skills.
  • Math Edge: Science, technology and engineering have one thing in common: they all demand strong math skills. In fact, having a good math foundation is essential for succeeding beyond school and gaining high-level thinking skills. With our diverse activities and motivational rewards system, you'll find that two one-hour sessions a week can make all the difference to your child's confidence with numbers.