The talented tutors at Sylvan Learning Centres in Canada can provide the personal learning experience your child needs to excel in the classroom and beyond. Like all Sylvan Learning Centres, we encourage lasting academic progress by providing a welcoming, engaging and supportive learning environment.

The Sylvan Skills Assessment® can help highlight your child’s exact needs and current strengths so that our professional tutors know exactly what to address. Get started for $95* — for a limited time only, so contact us now for more information!

Sylvan Learning

Find out how we:

  • Evaluate your child's skills: our assessment pinpoints your child's strengths - as well as areas that require attention
  • Draw up a personalized program: using the assessment's findings, we provide a customized tutoring plan that concentrates on the steps required for academic success
  • Support academic improvement: we employ proven learning methods – including the latest iPad®-based techniques – to help your child meet his or her goal of becoming a stronger, happier and more successful student
  • Measure progress: including performance evaluations and scheduled reports for you and your child's classroom teacher