Have a question? You can find answers below to the most frequently asked questions from parents and students. If you have additional questions, please contact your local Sylvan today!

Pricing and Payments

  • How much does Sylvan cost?

    Program pricing will vary because we customize our instruction to meet the specific needs of your child, as well the academic goals you set for your family. All our Sylvan centers are locally owned and operated, so pricing will vary by location. It’s best to contact your local Sylvan to get the most specific information about pricing and payment options, but here is a general outline of what to expect:

    Personalized Tutoring programs for grades K-12: For kids who need to improve grades and test scores, our intensive tutoring programs improve skills, scores and confidence. We guarantee progress! The best in tutoring starts at $49 per hour.

    Academic Coaching programs for grades K-8: For kids who could use extra practice, an added challenge or assistance adjusting to tougher workloads, we can provide academic support for sharpening skills and keeping up with homework. Our affordable monthly packages come with one-hour sessions and start at $199 per month.

    Advancement and Test Prep programs for grades K-12: For kids who are on the fast track or need help with advanced coursework, homework and important exams, our enrichment, university prep and career readiness programs will set your child up for a successful future. Options include:

    • Tutoring starting at $49 per hour
    • Classes and camps starting at $199
    • ACT and SAT Prep starting at $999

    Our STEM programs are a great way to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering and math topics early on. They are priced competitively with other after-school programs (many start at $99!) and our workshops and camps can be even less.

    Sylvan parents agree our programs are worth the investment because they get results — and we’re proud to say they’re more affordable than you might think! We’re committed to working with you to determine your specific needs so we can work out a payment plan that works for your family.

  • Does Sylvan offer financial assistance? Yes! Sylvan offers a flexible student loan program to ensure children get the tutoring help they need. Affordable monthly payment options are available and the approval process is easy.

Program Effectiveness

  • What makes Sylvan's tutoring so effective? Our custom learning experience starts with an assessment to pinpoint your child's exact academic strengths and needs, or 'skill gaps.' The results allow Sylvan to tailor a program specific to those skills that need strengthening. Sylvan tutors for our Personalized Tutoring programs use our proven Sylvan Method™, which makes learning personal and meaningful by targeting each child’s unique needs and skill level. We pinpoint the areas that need work and help your child build the confidence to get ahead. The result? More opportunities to make sure learning clicks.
  • Why does Sylvan assess my child when the school assesses students? The cornerstone of the highly personalized plan Sylvan will develop for your child depends on our Sylvan Skills Assessment®. We need to be sure we know exactly what your child needs in order to unlock the potential we all know is there. Our assessment is a proprietary combination of standardized tests, diagnostic tools and personal interviews. The results give our education experts what they need to tailor the learning plan exactly to your child's needs.
  • How will I know that my child is really making progress? The positive changes in your child at home and in school will be obvious. Additionally, we will re-test your child periodically to see how much he or she has advanced in each area of need. Sylvan's staff will share those progress reports with you, as well as schedule regular monthly conferences with you to discuss how your child is advancing through his or her individualized program.

Program Description

  • What programs does Sylvan offer?

    Sylvan offers three main types of tutoring depending on your child’s skill level and goals. If your child is struggling to keep up in a particular subject, Personalized Tutoring can help them get up to speed and feel more confident in class. If your child needs more practice with a particular subject outside of the classroom, needs an extra boost, an added challenge or help with homework and tests, our Academic Coaching program is for you! Your child can get proactive expert support to sharpen skills or get extra guided practice time to help keep up and get ahead with homework and school performance. Discover how our affordable monthly packages will fit into your schedule and budget!

    If you want your child to stand out in elementary school, to rock advanced higher-level classes, or score high on the SAT and ACT, our advancement experts are ready! Through our Advancement and Test Prep programs, we can help your student accelerate skills, take on tough workloads and get a jump on the 21st century opportunities ahead.

    Sylvan creates individual programs in reading, math, writing, homework help, study skills, state test prep, SAT®/ACT® prep and more. Sylvan offers in-center tutoring to inspire confidence in all kids, pre-K through 12th grade. For more details on our programs, please check out Our Programs.

  • What kind of training do Sylvan tutors have? Sylvan's tutors are trained and certified in the proven Sylvan Method™. Everyone at Sylvan shares a love for teaching, a commitment to children and a desire to help them succeed - in school and in life. Seeing your child do his or her best is as rewarding to our staff as it is to you and your family.
  • Can Sylvan tutors give my child the individual attention he or she needs? Sylvan's distinct advantage is the customized and individualized instruction your child receives from our tutors. At Sylvan, although most of our tutoring is done in small groups, each student will still receive focused one-on-one attention during every session. While the first student is receiving direct instruction on his or her individual plan, the second and third are engaged in guided or independent work—mastering and reinforcing the skills on their individual plans. This type of personalized interaction ensures that your child will have his or her questions and needs addressed quickly. At Sylvan, there is no danger of being 'left behind,' as might occur in a larger group setting.
  • What is the environment like in the center? Each Sylvan center is a safe, clean and modern environment, staffed by our team of education experts committed to helping your child succeed. We work hard to ensure each center maintains a cheerful and engaging environment.
  • Does Sylvan offer bilingual services? Yes, some Sylvan Centers have Spanish-speaking staff. Please specifically ask your local Sylvan Center as Spanish-speaking staff are not available at all locations.
  • Do Sylvan tutors work with my child's teacher or school? Definitely. With your permission, Sylvan will work in partnership with your child's classroom teacher (and your family) to ensure the progress made at Sylvan is also reflected in class work. Classroom teachers play a key role in the outcome of your child's learning program.


  • How many times a week will my child need to come?

    If your child needs intensive tutoring to get on track in class, we recommend two or three tutoring sessions per week as part of our Personalized Tutoring programs. We believe consistency and frequency make a real difference and can guarantee you’ll see progress with this approach.

    If extra practice to make sure your child is keeping up is the goal, our Academic Coaching programs provide proactive support and, depending on your needs, can be once or twice a week. Our monthly packages vary by location, so get in touch with your local center to find out what is available near you.

    To meet your family's busy schedule, we offer convenient hours, including after-school, evening and weekend sessions. Talk to us if you’re having trouble scheduling sessions, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.


  • How do I know my child needs a tutor? There are some clear signs that your child may need a tutor. If your child is losing interest in learning, struggling to focus on reading or homework, receiving poor test scores or developing low self-esteem, it is important to take action early and seek a reputable tutoring provider such as Sylvan. A good personal tutor inspires and helps students develop study habits and organizational skills that will result in significantly improved schoolwork and test scores.
  • My child has lost all interest in school. How can Sylvan tutors help him get motivated? Sylvan's motivational incentives are vital to the success of our tutoring plan. Sylvan tutors reinforce success by rewarding your child throughout the entire tutoring program. This includes:
    • Keeping students engaged through genuine personal praise
    • Ensuring students start at the appropriate skill level so every lesson is challenging, yet not frustrating
    • Kid-focused tangible rewards for achievement
    When you combine work that allows for a feeling of achievement with earned rewards and incentives, a students' motivation skyrockets!