Considering a tutor as a way to help your child unlock his or her academic potential and prepare for a bright future? At your local Sylvan, you’ll be tutored by helpful, devoted teaching professionals who understand how to make the learning process more personal, more exciting and tailored to the exact needs of every student we encounter – no matter their current grade or skill level. Many of our teachers also work in local schools, meaning they can customize lessons to the curriculum and better establish the tools required for lasting success in the classroom and beyond.

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A Custom-Tailored Education

Education is an invaluable resource, but the school environment may not always provide the personalized learning experience that your child needs. The skilled tutors at Sylvan are committed to building an engaging and enjoyable learning environment — one that boosts achievement and provides each student with a feeling of success after each session. It’s no wonder we’ve successfully equipped millions of children with the tools they need to succeed.

Here's how our tutoring works:
  • A Sylvan Skills Assessment ® provides valuable insight into your child's academic needs
  • We then create a custom learning plan to address those specific needs
  • Dedicated teachers keep your child engaged and motivated to learn
  • Ongoing evaluations and program updates ensure learning is kept challenging, but never frustrating
  • SylvanSync delivers digital lessons: our teachers use an iPad® to make learning engaging, interactive and fun

The Sylvan Skills Assessment ® pinpoints your child's requirements, identifying the exact areas Sylvan tutors will address. For a limited time, get started for only $95† — just ask us how!