If your child requires academic assistance, you can rely on a Sylvan tutor. Our programs are personalized to each child’s individual needs, helping him or her discover a passion for learning and achieve more academically. Our expert tutors have just what it takes to make learning a more engaging, motivating and inspiring experience for everyone from 1st grade students to high school seniors. Get in touch with us today to find out how our friendly tutors can deliver great results — and build lasting confidence.

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Boost Report Card Scores — and Smiles

At Sylvan, we attribute our success to our personal approach to learning, which means we pinpoint your child’s unique academic needs. We will then build a personal learning plan that focuses on those needs and maps out the all the appropriate skills required to thrive. In addition, we make sure our programs align with college and career readiness standards, so you can rest assured our tutoring is designed for lasting success.

A More Interactive Learning Experience

Sylvan’s talented tutors recognize that educational institutions don’t always offer the individual attention each student needs to excel. That’s the reason they tailor their teaching to each student’s requirements — and assess your child’s needs prior to constructing a plan that involves challenging goals, iPad®-based learning and a true sense of achievement at the end of each session. Upon completion of the assessment, we can identify where to begin, efficiently addressing skill gaps and strengthening your child’s sense of confidence and motivation.

Here’s what to expect from our assessment process:

  • We ensure every child feels welcome, relaxed and comfortable 
  • The day may include meeting staff, a tour of the center and discussion on the family’s goals 
  • The testing process consists of one-on-one evaluations as well as the Sylvan Insight assessment and other diagnostic tools

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