Considering a reading tutor as a way to help your child unlock their full academic potential? The tutors at Sylvan are here to help; they’re dedicated to making education personal by engaging and tailoring to the individual needs of every student. Together, we can help your child overcome academic obstacles while understanding the basics, developing a genuine passion for what’s being taught and preparing for success both inside and out of the classroom.

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The Fundamentals Made Easy

Strong reading abilities are absolutely essential for academic success: children who read well are more likely to do well in school and find it easier to understand, organize and write their assignments. A personal reading tutoring program from Sylvan ensures that your child gains the confidence and abilities to eliminate homework stress and improve performance at school. Covering everything that one should know, from phonics and word recognition to comprehension and vocabulary, we build abilities that will last and carry on to all other subject areas as well.

Here's how it works:
  • Our assessment provides valuable insight into your child's academic needs
  • We then create a custom learning plan to address those specific needs
  • Dedicated teachers keep your child engaged and motivated to learn
  • Ongoing evaluations and program updates ensure learning is kept challenging rather than frustrating
  • Our lessons are digital: our teachers use iPad®-based learning to make learning engaging, interactive and fun

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