If you’re seeking a tutor in Tyler, Texas, turn to Sylvan — we can help give your child’s report card a boost. We’re committed to helping every child uncover a passion for learning while fulfilling his or her potential — that’s why our education is tailored to meet each student’s unique needs. No matter your child’s grade or skill level, the tutors at Sylvan are ready to make learning interactive, engaging and pleasant — so get in touch today and learn how we can help pave the path to success in the educational sphere and beyond.

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An Engaging Education

The talented tutors at Sylvan in Tyler acknowledge that traditional learning environments may not always offer the individual attention your child needs to find success. That’s why our tutors in Tyler personalize lesson plans, thoroughly assessing each child’s individual needs prior to building a plan — one that includes dynamic goals, iPad®-based learning and a feeling of achievement after each session. Upon completion of the assessment, we can identify where to begin, efficiently addressing skill gaps and strengthening your child’s sense of confidence and motivation.

Rest assured that we: 
  • Undertake an in-depth evaluation of your child's particular strengths, skill gaps and potential 
  • Design a learning plan individualized according to the results of this assessment 
  • Keep your child motivated and engaged throughout the tutoring program 
  • Instill confidence that goes beyond the classroom

We can help unlock your child’s potential with the Sylvan Skills Assessment. For a limited time, you can get started for $95! † — for more information, contact us now!