When you find yourself looking for a math tutor in Tyler, Texas to give your child a helping hand in their studies, look to the experienced teachers at Sylvan. Our tailored learning programs address each student's individual needs so we can help them uncover their passion for learning and ultimately fulfill their potential. No matter what grade or skill level, Sylvan's interactive education is engaging and geared for success, so contact us today and discover first-hand how we can help build a solid foundation for a bright future.

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Learning Plans Tailored to Individual Needs

It's often said that once you master the fundamentals, the rest follows naturally ― and math tutoring at Sylvan is no different. Our math tutors in Tyler begin by assessing each student to determine and address any knowledge gaps before jumping to the bigger and more exciting topics. From addition and subtraction to algebra, sessions at Sylvan include iPad®-based learning, motivating your child and giving a lasting sense of accomplishment that is carried into the classroom and beyond.

Rest assured that we: 
  • Undertake an in-depth evaluation of your child's particular strengths, skill gaps and potential 
  • Design a learning plan individualized according to the results of this assessment 
  • Keep your child motivated and engaged throughout the tutoring program 
  • Instill confidence that goes beyond the classroom

We’ve designed our Sylvan Skills Assessment ® to help determine any unique requirements your child may have so that the tutors at Sylvan can focus on strengthening those particular areas. Now when you turn to Sylvan, you can get started for $95! † — get in touch to learn more!