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The tutors at Sylvan Learning Centers in USA are dedicated to providing the personalized learning your child requires to reach their potential in the classroom - and beyond. Like all Sylvan Learning Centers, we offer an engaging, supportive and enjoyable learning environment in order to encourage lasting academic progress and success.

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Sylvan Learning Center Sylvan Learning Center

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  • Analyze your child's level of ability: The Sylvan Skills Assessment® evaluates your child's strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Create an individualized tutoring program: Using the assessment, we build a personal learning plan that focuses on the skills most important to your child's academic growth
  • Increase academic performance: Our qualified teachers employ proven techniques – including the very latest methods, such as iPad®-based learning – to support your child as they strive to become a stronger, happier and more successful student
  • Monitor and measure progress: Including scheduled performance evaluations and regular progress reports for you and your child’s school teacher